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Cut away and dislodge debris around your drain with our HPW jetting services in Wolverhampton

High-pressure water can clean a lot of materials and surfaces. MJ Monk Plumbing and Drainage offers HPW jetting services for customers in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. 

High pressure water jetting is one of the primary ways to combat loose debris that stuff kitchen drainage. In addition to leaving behind many materials, drain snakes and strong chemicals can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. 
This is the perfect solution for cutting away and dislodging any debris or substances found attached within or around your drain. On top of that, we can handle sewer or waste pipe issues for you. 

The power of the water is enough to break up scale and rust to resins, residues, paint, concrete, and rubble. With the power of the jet, you can remove build-up or blockage and restore full flow within the pipe. 


Our services

You can also use jetting as routine maintenance to alleviate potential drainage issues, this includes if your sewers aren’t clogged. High-pressure cleaning will push bigger problems to the back of the line. 

Here are additional services that we offer:

Drain cover, street drainage cover


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“Matt did an excellent job fixing our leaking shower cubicle and sealing the tiles inside the cubicle, he takes pride in his work which is done to a high standard, I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to do a quality job.”


“Absolutely excellent! Matt is the most helpful guy - called this morning and visit carried out the same day. Would absolutely recommend this business to anyone - no messing around and he explained everything very well. I don’t normally add reviews but had to for thus first-class service”



Moss or algae build-up on concrete driveways, paths, and patios can be easily cleaned with pressure washing services.


If you want graffiti removed from your surfaces with our high-pressure water cleaning services, then contact us today. 

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